It's that time of year once again!! We are excited to announce the tryout dates for the 3rd through 6th grade Indy Hoops Teams! Parents should preregister their child so check-in is a breeze. Pre-register by clicking the Button below. Confirmation of successful registration is when your child’s name appears below. Update of the participant list is a timed event and is NOT immediate. Please do not submit more than one registration application. If your child’s name does not appear below within 48hrs after registration, please contact us at (DO NOT REGISTER AGAIN UNLESS INSTRUCTED TO DO SO -THANK YOU)


Check in your child at the registration tables just inside Door 27 at ZCHS Fieldhouse then come back to pick them up on time. Tryouts are closed to the parents. In order to get the best assessment of your child's skills, abilities and potential, it would be helpful to see your child at both tryout sessions.  However, we also realize there may be schedule conflicts (e.g. family trip, church commitment, football games, etc.), so please realize that your child is only required to attend one of the sessions to be considered for one of our teams.


Anyone interested in coaching a 2019-2020 Indy Hoops Team should register below.

What to Bring:

Each player should wear a shirt with his last name on the back. Using a marker to write on the back of a t-shirt is acceptable.

Bring your own basketball with your name on it.

Always wear proper basketball attire.


If you have any questions, please contact Coach Busick at:


Indy Hoops Tryout Schedule                        

   (ZCHS Fieldhouse)

Sunday, September 8, 2019

3-4th Grade 5-6:30pm

5-6th Grade 6:45-8:15pm

Sunday, September 15, 2019

3-4th Grade 5-6:30pm

5-6th Grade 6:45-8:15pm







Your child’s name will appear on the list below as confirmation of successful registration.

If your child’s name does not appear on the list below within 48hrs of registration, DO NOT submit again. Please contact

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