ZMS 8th Grade falls to Westfield 11/16/17

ZMS v Westfield

A Game

ZMS faced another tough opponent last night against Westfield Middle. The game started off rocky in the 1st quarter with Westfield outscoring your Eagles 16- 9. At the end of the half, the Eagles were down 14- 30. Eagles loses 33- 62.

Game Highlights:

Trey Firestone 9 pts.

B Game

ZMS got off to an early start, and never turned back. Throughout the game, they never gave up the lead. At the end of the 1st, Eagles led 17- 7. In the second quarter, the Eagles gave up 2 pts. ZMS dominated the game, winning 48- 30.

Game Highlights:

Caleb Everson 11 pts., 3 Rebs, 2 assists

Max Petrocelli 10pts., 5 Rebs

Ben Sloan 10pts., 7 Rebs

Jonathan MacAbee 8pts.

#ZMS #ZMS8thGrade

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