Trey Firestone &  Evan Jensen led the ZMS 8th Grade Eagles to victory over Creekside - 11/4/17

A Game ZMS faced a tough opponent last night against Creekside. The game was high- energy and high- thriller all the way to the last second of the game. Creekside was first to score; but your Eagles attacked. Evan Jensen led your Eagles in the first quarter; Eagles led 11- 7. In second quarter, Caleb Everson came in the game shooting a big 3- pointer. At half, Eagles ahead 23- 18. In the third quarter, Creekside charged back taking the quarter—- Creekside outscored your Eagles 16- 8. However, the fourth quarter was all Trey Firestone. Trey hustled, rebounded and made critical layups and free throws late in the game. Also, Trey led the way for your Eagles to victory over Creekside with the layup late in the 4th quarter. 43- 41, Eagles win! Great team win! Game Highlights: Trey Firestone, 13 pts Evan Jensen, 12 pts Reid Wesley, 7pts B Game Ben Sloan and Ethan Woodworth led your Eagles to victory over Creekside. At the end of the 1st quarter, Eagles led 20- 13. In the second quarter, your Eagles gave up only 6 pts. At the half, Eagles in charge, 35- 19. In the beginning of third, Creekside fought back—- outscoring your Eagles 14- 10. At the end of three quarters, Creekside closed in the deficit, 46- 34 Eagles ahead. Yet again, your Eagles refused to lie down. Eagles finished the job and starved off Creekside for the win! 56- 40, Eagles win! Game Highlights: Ben Sloan, 16pts Ethan Woodworth, 12pts Max Petrocelli, 8pts

#ZMS #ZMS8thGrade

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