ZMS 8th Grade fall short in game vs Carmel - 12/7/17

A Game

ZMS was looking for their first win on the road. In the first quarter, Eagles took advantage of Carmel’s turnovers. Evan Jensen (9 pts in the 1st) led all scorers in the 1st half. Eagles led 20- 12 after two quarters. In the second half, Carmel charged back and took controlled of the 3rd quarter, it was all knotted up at 33. Your Eagles fought hard but it wasn’t enough. 44- 47, Eagles lose.

Game Highlights

Evan Jensen, 17 pts

Reid Wesley, 8pts

B Game

ZMS looking to add to their win column last night against Carmel. Eagles got out to an early led in the 1st quarter, 14- 6. At the end of the 1st half, Eagles ahead 27- 11. Your Eagles were determined to not let their foot off the gas. In the beginning of the second half, Carmel tried to make a big run and comeback; but it wasn’t enough. Eagles once again victorious, 48- 34.

Game Highlights

Ben Sloan, 15pts

Ethan Woodworth, 10pts

#ZMS #ZMS8thGrade

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