ZMS wins 2017 'Battle of the Nest' (12/20/17)

ZMS faced their sister school, Z’West in the classic Battle of the Nest! The game was exciting, high- energy and high- thrilling for both schools! Jonathan MacAbee (16 pts) and Brendan Wood (11 pts) led your ZMS Eagles to victory in the sister rivalry game! After one quarter, ZMS led Z’West 14- 10. In quarter two, Z’West outscored ZMS 12- 9. At the end of the 1st half, ZMS Eagles still out in front 23- 22. The second half, ZMS gave up 9pts; while scoring 20 pts. Ben Sloan (4pts) and Ethan Woodworth (5pts) made great impact in yesterday’s win! ZMS clinched the Battle of the Nest trophy for another year! Congratulations, ZMS!!! Great TEAM WIN!

B Game

Ben Sloan (14pts) and Caleb Everson (14pts) led your ZMS Eagles to victory over Z’West! Eagles never fell behind in the game. set the tempo early with 10pts in the first quarter. At the end of one quarter, Eagles ahead 19- 11. In the second quarter, Drew Dickson, Jon Zimpfer and Ethan Woodworth contributed to the team’s success. At the half, Eagles up 38- 14. In the second half, Eagles outscored Z’West 23- 6. ZMS Wins and remains undefeated! Great TEAM WIN!!!!

#ZMS #ZMS8thGrade

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