ZMS 8th Grade vs Brownsburg East 1/11/18

ZMS faced a tough matchup last night against Brownsburg East.

In the first quarter, Carter St. John (6pts) and Jonathan MacAbee (13 pts) got your Eagles off to a good start. Carter St. John hits a 3- pointer, and Jonathan MAcAbee followed behind with 2 3- pointers himself. At the end of the first quarter, Eagles ahead 14- 11. In the second quarter, Brownsburg fought back but Eagles maintained control. At the end of the first half, Eagles still ahead 26- 25. In the beginning of the third quarter, ZMS turned over the ball three consecutive times to give Brownsburg East the lead. After three quarters, Eagles trail 47- 34. Your Eagles fought back to close the gap within 8pts in the fourth, but it was not enough. Eagles fall, 45- 56.

#ZMS #ZMS8thGrade

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