ZMS 8th Grade vs Riverside 1/8/18

A Game

ZMS matched up against Riverside JH for the first game of 2018. Yes, it was high- energy, back- and- forth battle for both teams. In the first quarter, Trey Firestone and Carter St. John got your Eagles going early. Trey attacked the basket and going to the charity stripe; and Carter knocking down a three- pointer. At the end of one, Riverside were ahead 10- 9. In the second quarter, ZMS played unselfish to recapture the lead going into half. At the half, ZMS leads 21- 20. In the third quarter, Riverside came storming back; and took control of the quarter. Riverside outscored ZMS, 14- 8. I’m the fourth quarter, it was all Trey Firestone and Jonathan MacAbee. ZMS down five with less than a minute in the game, Carter St. John finds Jonathan in the corner for the 3- pointer! Down by 2, ZMS fouls and Riverside is at the line. Riverside misses, and ZMS captures the critical rebound. 11 seconds in the game, Trey Firestone steps up and sends the game to overtime! We all knotted up at 40. In overtime ZMS, your Eagles outscored Riverside 11- 3. Eagles wins on the road, 51- 46.

Game Highlights

Trey Firestone, 14pts

Carter St. John, 12pts

Colin Price, 11pts

B Game

ZMS was looking to extend their undefeated record again tonight! Max Petrocelli led all scorers with 16pts in the contest. After one quarter of play, Eagles led 13- 11. In the second quarter, Max And Drew Dickson help the team extend their lead! ZMS outscored Riverside, 15- 6. At the end of the first half, ZMS takes a controlling lead, 28- 17. In the third quarter, it was all Max Petrocelli again! Max Petrocelli led the way to victory over Riverside! Eagles win, 51- 37.

Game Highlights

Max Petrocelli, 16pts

Gunnar Hartwig, 8pts

Ethan Woodworth, 8th

#ZMS #ZMS8thGrade

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