ZMS 8th Grade Reserve Tournament Recap (1/13/18)

ZMS v Beech Grove ZMS played against Beech Grove in the semi- final in the Reserve Tournament. Gunnar Hartwig with 16pts led your Eagles to victory over Beech Grove. In the first quarter, Gunnar scored 8pts and Ethan Woodworth with 7pts. At the end of one quarter, Eagles 24- 5. At the end of the 1st half, Eagles with the controlling lead 36- 8. In the second half, your Eagles outscored Beech Grove 23- 14; and easily moving on to Heritage Christian for the championship game! Game Highlights Gunnar Hartwig, 16pts, 7 Rebs and 2 Steals Caleb Everson, 10pts, 5 Rebs, 3 Steals and 2 Assists Ethan Woodworth, 9pts and 5 Steals Max Petrocelli, 9pts and 3 Assists ZMS v Heritage Christian Championship match was against your ZMS v Heritage Christian. In the first quarter, ZMS took controlling the game, 15- 6. In the second quarter, Caleb Everson took control scoring 7pts. ZMS outscored Heritage Christian, 22- 8. In the second half, Eagles held their opponent to only 7pts. Eagles win, 68- 23!!! Congratulations, ZMS Reserve Champions; and Undefeated Season! Game Highlights Caleb Everson, 15pts, 4 Steals and 4 Assists Jon Zimpfer, 11pts, 3 Rebs, 3 Steals and 2 Assists Ryan Handy, 10pts 

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