ZMS 8th Grade 2018 Boone County Champions - Tournament Recap 12.8.18


Semi- Finals: ZMS v Western Boone

Your Eagles faced Western Boone in the semi- finals. In the first quarter, the Eagles led 9- 5. In the second, your Eagles had a monstrous quarter; outscoring WeBo 23- 5. At the half, Eagles were ahead 32- 10. In the second half, it was more of the same. ZMS outscored WeBo 19- 17. Eagles advanced to the Championship game v Z’West.

Team Stats:

46% FG and 67% FT

16 Rebounds

18 Steals

Championship Game: ZMS v Z’West

Championship match- up was an early sibling rivalry, ZMS v Z’West. In the first quarter, ZMS led— 10- 6. In the second quarter, ZMS allowed only 6pts from Z’West. At the half, ZMS led 27- 12. In the second half, ZMS dominated their sister rival. ZMS outscored Z’West in the second half, 25- 15. ZMS with the convincing win, 52- 27! ZMS is your 2018 Boone County Champions!!!! Congratulations, ZMS!!!

Team Stats:

60% FG

17 Reboounds

12 Assists

14 Steals

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