ZMS Boys Basketball c/o 2023 are Back-2-Back NSC Champions!

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StartFragmentSemi- Final: ZMS v Westfield

ZMS traveled to Avon South to battle Westfield MS in the NSC Semi- finals matchup. In the first quarter, Westfield came up firing on all cylinders. The Rocks were able to get out on an early lead. After one quarter, Rocks led ZMS, 13- 7. In the second quarter, your ZMS Eagles fired back! In the second quarter, the Eagles gave up 2pts to the Rocks. ZMS outscored the Rocks 17- 2 to increase the led 24- 15 at the end of the 1st half. In the second half, the Eagles continued to dominate with increase ball pressure, deflections and crashing the boards. Eagles outscored Westfield in the second half 25- 24 to beat Westfield MS. Nicholas Richart finished the game with 8pts, 7 Rebounds and 4 assists, Adam Melliere finished with 14pts and 3 Rebounds; and Logan Imes finished the game with 15pts, 5 Assists and 3 Rebounds. Eagles won, 49- 39 advancing to the NSC Finals against Avon North.

NSC Championship: ZMS v Avon North 2023

ZMS matchup against a tenacious Avon North for the NSC Championship. ZMS first two quarters was not Eagles basketball; nonetheless, ZMS remained relevant in the game. In the opening quarter, Logan Imes scored the first 5pts; knocking down three big shots from behind the arc. Avon North led the opening quarter, 20- 19. In the second quarter, your Eagles continued to fight. Avon played solid throughout the quarter. Yet again, Avon North outscored your Eagles, 11- 10, and taking the lead into half 31- 29. Logan Imes led your Eagles in the first half with 18pts. In the second half, your ZMS Eagles turned the corner playing Zionsville Basketball! Matthew Wleskinski scored the first 3pts in the third. Also, assisted Adam that led to a deeeeep three off the glass to give your Eagles a 4pt lead. Once ZMS got the lead; they never gave it back! ZMS defense was relentless and tireless; controlling the glass and sharing the basketball ballooned the lead to 12, 51- 39. ZMS outscored Avon North in the third, 22- 8. In the fourth quarter, Nate Horten was your MVP! Nate Horten contributed to the team’s success on both ends of the floor. Nate scored 10 of his 13pts in the fourth; along with, 6 Rebounds. Nate’s energy gave ZMS Eagles enough to top Avon North. In the fourth quarter, Eagles scored 25 of their 47 second half total pts, 76- 66. ZMS EAGLES WON THE 2019 NSC Tournament! Logan Imes finished with 23pts, 4 Rebounds, 6 Assists and 1 Steal; Nicholas Richart finished with 15pts, 5 Rebounds, 2 Assists and 2 Blocks, Adam Melliere finished with 13pts, 1 Rebound, 2 Assist and 1 Block; and Matthew Wlekinski finished the game with 7pts, 9 Rebounds and 4 Assists, 1 Steal and Block. Congratulations ZMS Eagles, job well done! What an incredible season!

ZMS Boys Basketball c/o 2023 are Back 2 Back NSC Champions!


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