ZMS 8th Grade Shootout recap

ZMS v Guion Creek

In the first round of ZMS Shootout, ZMS faced Guion Creek. In the first half, the Eagles had a rough start. Guion Creek outscored your Eagles 26- 10 in the first half. Also, your leading scorers were Dawson Huber with 4pts and Nash Wagner with 4pts. In the second half, the Eagles could not stop the bleeding. We continued to fall, 27- 16. Eagles lost 26- 53, and faced Hamilton Heights in the consolation round.

Consolation Game: ZMS v Hamilton Heights

The Eagles faced Hamilton Heights in the consolation game. In the first half, your Eagles led 27- 26. The scoring was balanced among the team. Camden Scheidler, 7pts and Drew Busick, 5pts. In second half, the Eagles continued to control the game and find open shots. At the end of the second half, your Eagles led Hamilton Heights, 34- 30. Eagles won, 61- 56.

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