Wagner (16), Riggins (14) push ZMS 8th Grade past HSE 47-40

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StartFragmentZMS A v HSE What. A. Game! Last night, HSE came to town to challenge your Eagles; and a challenge it was. In the first half, HSE outscored ZMS, 10- 23. In the first half, your Eagles were in a slump. Turnovers, no movement and not controlling the rebound game led to the first half demise. However, the second half was the start to your ZMS Eagles resurrection! In each quarter, we held HSE to single digits. ZMS fought back and led a 20- 8 run in the 3rd—- leading to 37 pts total in the second half. Eagles won, 47- 40; Nash Wagner (16pts), Mason Riggins (14pts) and Drew Busick (9pts) led the charge for your Eagles. Another great TEAM win!!! ZMS B v HSE ZMS came out firing in all cylinders in the first half v HSE. The Eagles held HSE to single digits, 12- 7 and 10- 6. Brady Coffman closes out the first quarter with a 3- pointer at the buzzer! At the end of the first half, Eagles led 22- 13. In the second half, Eagles could not put together the remaining two quarters. HSE outscored your Eagles 12- 2 in the third quarter. ZMS just could not stop the bleeding. Eagles lose, 31- 43. EndFragment

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