ZIONSVILLE MIDDLE SCHOOL       2019-2020            8th GRADE

Head 8th Boys Basketball

Kris Jackson



Asst. 8th Boys Basketball

Woody Austin




Game A 


Yesterday, your Eagles traveled to Riverside JH. I’m the first quarter, ZMS chemistry and tenacity were relentless! We played great team defense along with sharing the basketball extremely well; and scoring 25pts in the first. In second, Mason (7pts out of his 11pts) led the charge. ZMS outscored Riverside, 12- 11. At the end of the half, Eagles ahead 37- 18. In the third, Riverside went on a run to close in the deficit; out- scoring your Eagles 16- 6. However, we preserved through the run; and maintained our lead. Eagles win! 56- 47. Again, another excellent team win!!! 


Game B 


Coming into he game, your Eagles are looking for their first win of the new year. At the end of the first quarter, Nathan Turner knocks down the long 3- ball. We trailed Riverside, 11- 12. In the second quarter, we increased our energy and intensity on defense to another level—— causing multiples turnovers and getting to the charity stripe. ZMS outscored Riverisde in the second, 17- 11. At the end of the first half, Eagles ahead 28- 23. In the second half, your Eagles did not look back! We remained aggressive throughout the second half, out scoring Riverside, 21- 19. Eagles win, 49- 42. Great team win! Our team scoring: Luke Reasoner (5pts), Elijah Bineyard (8pts), Michael Saxon (7pts), Brady Coffman (5pts), LJ Killinger (7pts), Chase Johnson (3pts), Christian Barth (4pts) and Dawson Huber (3pts). 


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